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Office Address:


Shadow Radio

P.O Box 874

Comm 1. Tema,





Hotline:+233 246 339 596/

+31 645 219 848 (adverst and press)

+233 249 785 664 (Studio)

+233 303 401 787 ( general info)


About Shadow Radio


Shadow radio is anon profit initiative driven by team of vibrant young personal. Our aim is to represent the masses and be the voice of the ordinary people. Through our programming we aspire to be a platform for informed opinions for the ordinary Ghanian on issues of relevance for Ghanaians either in ghana or the diaspora.




Sahdow radio aspire to beocome a plaform where peole can express their opinion and talk about isssue of relevance to promote discourse for a better Ghana and .we are a voice for the masses and ordinary people in expressing their views on the penitent issues that confronts Ghana.



We hope to achive this throught quality programing for the decerning listener, and engage public opnion and also through music that range from Afrobeatz, hi-life, dancehall, reggae, gospel and hip-hop.





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